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Why Our Chatline Is The Best - Meet Hot Men And Women 24/7 - Free Trial "Naturally, we are prejudice. We think our chat line is superior to the vast majority of online chat and even personals. There is nothing like actually talking with someone in person. Online chat is great. But, online chat limited. Text chat just cannot quite capture the true feelings the human voice can carry. And, let's not even go into the fact that you can never be really sure if the person you are chatting with really is a man or woman or child. In short, online chat, wonderful as it is, has some real limitations. There just is no replacing hearing another person's voice where you can hear the emotions, hesitations, attitude that you hear which is beyond the words. That's why, we think, you will discover that our Phone And Flirt Chatline more intimate, intense, and exciting: You will be making a real 'connection' with that other chatter. It is the reason we have tens of thousands of permanent members, thousands of new members and new callers daily."

"Online personals are great, but you really have no guarantee anything in their profile, including the photo, really represents who they are. You have to always figure people tend to exaggerate a bit to make a good impression. With our chatline, you can at least get a chance to judge the age and gender from a live conversation. Also, online services for personals can get very expensive when you get locked into a monthly fee. With Phone And Flirt, you never get locked into long term contracts. You just can when you are ready to flirt and chat and meet someone. Our chat line works out to be a lot less expensive for most singles."

"Increasingly, singles are discovering that our new approach to operating a chatline like Phone And Flirt is a better approach to flirting, making new friends and finding someone who matches your interests. It is live, exciting, and you can actually talk with men and women all over the country. You have the option to just chat or seek out women and men interested in dating, romance or hooking-up for a day or a life time. It is all up to you. And, you will likely learn more and meet more chatters in a shorter time with our chatline than you ever will with text chat or personals. You will also discover we offer a LOT of unique and handy phone features to make meeting other singles easier and more intimate."

"We are so confident you will find our chat line is better we will let you try it, FREE. Come discover for yourself why Phone And Flirt is a better way to chat and meet singles."

Free Trial Number
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Original Phone And Flirt Chatline Number
(USA And Canada)

Note: You MUST be +18 to participate in our chatline. Also, when calling our free trial number, make sure your phone carrier is NOT charging you long distance fees. Most quality phone services do not. Unfortunately, some do. We want you to enjoy our chatline completely free.

Sorry: No free trial on our original toll free number.
However, our original toll free number does offer members several special features and billing options.

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